Saturday, March 20, 2010

Molly the Owl

Have you heard about Molly?

Molly taking a break from her motherly duty!

She is a wild female barn owl, also known as a screech owl. If you are even a little bit interested in birds you should check it out. Molly is waiting for her five eggs to hatch. The big event is happening in San Marcos, California. She is in an owl box that was built and placed 15 feet above ground with a live cam inside. 

They are expecting that any time the first owlet will start tapping on the egg until it breaks through and makes a small hole in the shell. That is when the owlet takes it's first breath. It takes them about 20 hours to finally make it out of the egg, so that is many hours of entertainment when you times that by five! 

McGee, her mate, comes and goes, usually at night, and brings her food. She stands up fairly often and moves her eggs around, which gives us lots of time to check out the eggs and see what's going on under there!

From time to time, the man that is behind all of this, comes on and does live chats with those that are watching live. Today (Friday) he was live from 12:30 - 2:00pm. You can type in any questions you have and he answers as many as he can. He gives lots of interesting information. He believes that this is her first time as a mother. He said when she dropped her first egg, she didn't seem to know what to do with it. She's doing a great job now!

I have kept the blog on all day for the past two days and there is a lot going on in there. My dogs aren't sure what is happening with all the bird noises in the house.

I'm sure that to some of you this sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry, but the rest of you should check it out and share Molly with your friends!

Below is the link for the live cam.
Live Owl Box Cam

Today is the first day of Spring!!

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