Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Albertina's Exceptional Recipes

Albertina Kerr Restaurant is located in Portland, Oregon on N.E. 22nd, off Sandy Blvd. When I lived in Portland, I enjoyed several great lunches with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and nieces. Since I moved away, I still get to hear about the many lunches they have there celebrating birthdays, Mother's Day and just because. It has been several years since I have actually eaten there but I have two of their cookbooks and have enjoyed cooking out of them.

Albertina Kerr started out as an orphanage back in 1921 and continued providing shelter and care to children for 55 years. When my mother-in-law moved to Portland at the age of 17, her first job was working at Albertina Kerr Nursery. Although the old estate is no longer home to children, the areas open to the public have been kept in original condition and the grounds are beautifully manicured.

There has been a long history of our family supporting Albertina Kerr as they continue to meet the needs of vulnerable children, young people and families. They also have a high-quality re-sale shop and a gift shop and all of the proceeds are donated to support the programs provided by Albertina Kerr.

My mother-in-law gave me both of their cookbooks, Albertina's A Collection of Recipes and Albertina's Exceptional Recipes as gifts. All of the recipes in their cookbooks have been used in their restaurant. It is open to the public for lunch five days a week and every aspect of it is run by volunteers. All the proceeds, including gratuity are donated to their programs. They serve in-season fresh produce that is Oregon grown.

The following recipes are from "Albertina's Exceptional Recipes." I have made the Fillet of Fish Supreme more times than I could count. I have made this recipe mainly with halibut and a couple of times with salmon and tilapia. We have never been disappointed. I use Tillamook light or fat free sour cream. Make sure that you spread the sour cream mixture and the grated cheese right to the edge of the baking dish to keep the moisture in. I also slice the onions very thin. Very few ingredients but great flavor with moist and flaky fish.

Fillet of Fish Supreme

Simple and Good

See Fillet of Fish Supreme on Key Ingredient.

I have made this recipe several times using salmon. The fish stays very moist and flavorful. Even those that aren't fond of salmon will enjoy this dish.

Herb Topped Fish

Very moist and flavorful fish

See Herb Topped Fish on Key Ingredient.

This recipe is an interesting vegetable side dish. I have had this several times at Albertina Kerr Restaurant. It works well as a make ahead side dish.


Carrot Timbale

A colorful and flavorful partner to any meat entree

See Carrot Timbale on Key Ingredient.

This last recipe for Lemon Pilaf is very easy and flavorful and is great served with fish. Very quick and easy with everyday ingredients.

Lemon Pilaf

Very good with chicken or fish

See Lemon Pilaf on Key Ingredient.


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  1. I too am a fan of Albertina's Exceptional Recipes. In fact, I want to make the parmesan meatballs with white wine sauce for my mom's birthday while I am in Portland visiting her. However, my Albertina's book is back in Virginia, where I am currently living, and I did not write down the recipe before I left. If you could post that recipe, that would wonderful.