Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ivan!

Dearest Ivan,

We have loved you from the moment we heard that your mommy was carrying you. It seemed to take forever, but when you arrived, we loved you even more!

The day you were born, Gramma and Grandpa Smith and Gramma and Grandpa Lytle were waiting in the hallways with your brother, Wiley...waiting to hear that you had been born.

 This was our first peak of you. 
Your Daddy and the nurse were taking you to the nursery.

 You and your beautiful Mommy!

Your Daddy loves you!

 Grandpa Lytle is holding you for the first time.

 Wiley was giving you some loves

 While you were busy growing, Wiley was busy playing!

Our Sweet Little Ivan

You were enjoying Wiley's 2nd Birthday Party with your Grammas

Look at that big boy, now you are sitting up!

 And now you want to stand up tall!

You and Wiley sharing a special moment

 Look at all that personality coming out, and all that hair!

You're getting pretty brave, Ivan! 
Playing with Wiley's zoo animals while he is at school!

 What a big boy the day before your first Birthday!

  Our birthday boy!

 For a special birthday treat, you and Grandpa Smith are featured in the newspaper as our special little Leprechaun, 
born on St. Patricks Day, one year ago today!
Thanks Gramma, Barb!

Everybody loves Sweet 1-year old Ivan!
Your mommy and daddy,
Your big brother, Wiley,
Your gramma's and papa's
Your uncles and your aunts,
Your cousins by the dozens!

Thank you for all the smiles and happiness that you have
brought to us this past year.

Happy Birthday, Ivan!
We Love You Ivan!

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