Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's Been Cooking in Oregon

What's Been Cooking In Oregon, by Jo Ann Blanchard and Kathleen Hansen, is one of the first cookbook that my sister-in-law, Deanna, gave to me. This cookbook has always been very special to me, not only because of the good recipes, but because Deanna gave it to me. If you are interested in purchasing this cookbook, follow this link.

Here are four of my favorite recipes from this cookbook. The first one is for Corn Chowder. I have been asked for this recipe many times through the years. Everyone that has tasted it has asked me for the recipe.

Corn Chowder

This recipe is from the cookbook "What's been Cooking ...

See Corn Chowder on Key Ingredient.

This cookbook also has three other versions of Chowder, using the Basic White Sauce as the base. Included here are recipes for Clam Chowder, Turkey Chowder and Vegetable Chowder.

Jo Ann's Superb Chowders

Clam Chowder Turkey Chowder Vegetable Chowder

These chowders all us ...

See Jo Ann's Superb Chowders on Key Ingredient.

The second recipe is for Pocket Bread. I thought it would be hard to make, but it was very easy and tasted better than what you can buy in the store.

Pocket Bread

Very soft and they taste wonderful.

See Pocket Bread on Key Ingredient.

This Austrian Pastry tastes like something you would buy at a great bakery, only better!

Austrian Pastry

Very easy to make and your guests won't believe ...

See Austrian Pastry on Key Ingredient.

This is a really great Playdough recipe. I made it many times for my kids when they were young.


Very soft and pliable and easy to make. Kids love ...

See Playdough on Key Ingredient.

When the kids get a little older, this Salt Clay is easy to make and kids have lots of fun making things with it. It hardens with the air and you don't have to dry it in the oven.

Salt Clay

This clay hardens in the air. No oven needed.

See Salt Clay on Key Ingredient.


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