Friday, March 19, 2010

A Day with Misty

Our beautiful niece, Misty, came for a visit recently. We all love Misty and get really happy when she arrives!!

She is one of the most amazing young ladies that I know. There aren't many 21-year olds that have spent their vacation time at a camp for kids with physical disabilities. She graduated magna cum laude last year, while holding down a full-time job. More than those accomplishments (plus many more), she is a kind, caring and all-around amazing young lady.

Our day started out with a jolt, I mean a real jolt. We had an earthquake and Misty slept right through it. Good for her!

We spent the rest of the day having fun!

The boys absolutely adore Misty and they have a great time playing together!

 Wiley trying to take Ivan for a ride in the wagon

Mommy fixing the wagon handle so that it would be easier to pull.

Ivan waving to his fans!

Misty and Wiley took a little time to ponder life and it's complexities.

 Ivan had fun pushing the shopping cart around the yard.

After several hours of playing, running, fixing, laying down, swinging, it was time to cool down a little. We decided to head out to get some frozen yogurt. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, to be exact! With temps in the mid 80's, we weren't the only ones with that idea. The place was packed.


Wiley is enjoying his yogurt

 Ivan can't quite reach

 Wiley found one last bite

Before she left town, I baked some of her favorite cookies to take home with her. I know how much she loves them and I try to make them for her just about every time she comes for a visit. It is really fun to bake for such an appreciative and enthusiastic recipient!!

I made plenty so she could freeze them and enjoy them longer.

Here is the recipe for Misty's Favorite Cookies.

Misty's Favorite Cookies

This is for you, Misty!

See Misty's Favorite Cookies on Key Ingredient.


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