Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to make a Sourdough Starter

Before I found this recipe, trying to make a sourdough starter seem really hard and had so many steps that I just never had the courage to even try. When I found this recipe printed in the Oregonian's Food Day several years ago, I knew I had to try it, especially because it sounded so easy. This recipe has worked perfectly, every time I have made it. If you have been afraid of sourdough, you should really try this recipe. You won't be sorry. It couldn't be easier to put together. All you do is mix a packet of yeast, warm water and flour together in a specific order. After that, it takes over and does it's own thing, and all you have to do is check in on it and give it a couple of stirs. In less than a week, you will have your own sourdough starter.

I decided that I would document this process with instructions and pictures so that you will  know what it should look like and when it is ready for use.

First, we will start with the recipe.

Sourdough Starter

This recipe comes from the Otis Cafe in Otis, Oregon ...

See Sourdough Starter on Key Ingredient.

Yeast dissolved in warm water 

 Flour stirred into warm water and yeast

Mixture covered with cloth

It took 15 minutes for this whole process, including taking the pictures. I don't have a place to store mine where the temperature is 80 to 85 degrees, like the recipe states, but it has never been a problem, as long as it is in a draft-free area. It is possible that it will take a little longer than 24 hours. I can't help myself, I always peek under the cloth a couple of times a day to see how it's doing in there.
My next sourdough post will happen as soon I see the bubbles start forming.

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