Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Changing the Sheets

A couple weeks ago I heard about a survey taken asking people how often they changed their sheets. I was shocked to hear that some people change their bed sheets only 6 times a year. The majority changed their sheets weekly. In real close second was twice a month. In very close third came monthly. Wow, I knew I had a thing about clean sheets, but I didn't realize how many people don't care that much. It would be interesting to know how a person ends up changing their sheets 6 times a year. Is it an "I don't have time" thing, or laziness, or for water conservation reasons, or I just don't think about it, or I just don't care about it. It would be very interesting to know why.

At our house, we change the sheets every 4 days. I know that probably sounds like way too often to someone who changes them every other month. If I had daily "help", I would have them changed every other day, you know, like they do when you are staying in a Hotel. I just sleep better on the nights that we have clean sheets. I know it does use a bit of water, but we do have energy saving appliances, and we both drive Hybrid's if that counts at all.

Choosing the type of sheets you prefer can be a very time consuming project. When you find a pair of sheets that you absolutely love, the easiest way to make sure you have a spare when they are threadbare is to buy 2 sets. If that isn't realistic, write down the the brand name, thread count while you can still read the tag, and put it in a safe place. That will help you with your next purchase. That is what I try to do.

The problem with buying sheets is you can't find much information on how to buy the perfect set for you that suits your preference. We all see what has happened to "real" customer service, where people actually care and are knowledgeable about what they are selling. We have learned a few things through a few bad and good sheet experiences. In the winter, we like a sheet that doesn't leave you foot feeling cold when you move your leg over the sheets. This is usually the case with sheets that have a very high thread count. We keep those sheets on all winter. During the summer months, we want a sheet that has a lower thread count because it breaths and does feel cool when you move your leg to a new spot. We realized this after sleeping most of a summer on high thread count sheets and we were always too hot. 

To sleep cooler in the summer, we now look for a lower thread count with a sateen finish. Always try to wiggle a finger inside the zipper so that you can feel the sheets before you buy them. They do have a stiffener on them, but you can tell a lot just by feeling them. A sateen sheet set will usually have a very cool feeling on your fingers. If you can manage to get enough sheet out to blow on, feel how much air comes through to your hand. If you can barely feel any air, those sheets won't breathe in the summer, but they will be great in the winter. If you feel the air, you will sleep much cooler.

Which leads me to this. It is usually quite an investment to buy a set of California King sheets, and I am always looking for a great buy on sheets. I was so excited last week when I found these.

I found them at Costco and they were under $38.00! That was $20 dollars less than their Kirkland brand. And these are Tommy Bahama Home. We have an "Island"  themed room, so these will look just fine with the other bed linens. If you are looking for a new sheet set, you should head to Costco and check them out. I have a feeling they could sell out fast, especially if I buy more.


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