Friday, July 2, 2010

Peaches and Cream Kuchen

The peaches that we have been buying at Costco the past few weeks have been amazing! They have had two varieties; fuzzy skin and fuzz-less. We have been getting the fuzz-less and they have been outstanding! They are so good, their aroma draws you to them. If a peach doesn't smell like a peach, I pass on by and let someone else buy them. If a peach is hard as a rock, I also leave it for someone else. In my experience, if it feels like a rock and smells like a rock, you just bought a box or rocks labeled "peaches," and they will most likely rot before they ripen. The best way to tell if a peach is going to taste good is if it smells good. There are always exceptions, but that hasn't been my experience.

This is a great breakfast/brunch treat that I have made often during peach season. Actually, I have served it for dessert, so you can eat it any time, day or night! It is quite easy to put together and it really doesn't have that many ingredients. The recipe says to make it with fresh, canned or frozen peaches. I have only made this with fresh peaches and I can't believe that I haven't made this in the off-season with frozen or canned. 

If you have a few extra peaches, you should try this recipe. The recipe below makes 2 pie plates. This recipe is easy to cut in half. It takes three peaches to make one pie plate. It is good served warm or cold.


Peaches and Cream Kuchen


Peach, Kuchen,


        See Peaches and Cream Kuchen on Key Ingredient.     


Dear Hubby said I needed to show the "After" picture!


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