Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Evening on Main Street

This is a warning! 
This blog is for Gramma's, Aunties, maybe some Grandpa's, and people that like 
small children and puppies!

I'm sure that doesn't sound like much fun to spend a summer evening on Main Street, but wait, it was Main Street at Disneyland! With a one-year old and a two-year old!! 

 First we got them safely in their car seats,

and then we had to make sure everyone stayed happy until we got there!

 Time for the first "posed" pictures! Wiley had it down!

Hurry, gramma, we're waiting for the fun part to start!

At least there was a gate to climb on...

 ...while waiting for the train at Main Street Station.

Yes, that is my hand bag around Papa's neck. Yes, we are officially Old!

Wiley's self-portrait

Wiley's second attempt at taking a picture

Finally, aboard the train

We rode the train around the park and ended up right back where we started, Main Street!

How cute is he!!

Such a big boy!

Watching and listening to the Disneyland National Collegiate All-Star Band

Ivan was really feeling the music and the audience really loved his moves!

He got as close as he could get to the band

They were amazing, but Ivan stole the show with his moves!

Our fun for the night was watching them perform!

We walked up Main Street, ate some dinner, walked back down Main Street and headed for the car, with a brief stop to watch the fireworks from Downtown Disney. Forty-five minutes later, we arrived at the car. We got both of the boys in their jammies and headed home. It took four hours to accomplish all of the above!

I'm sure that isn't everyone's idea of the perfect evening, but we sure had a great time with the boys!


  1. It was a Great time!!

  2. How fun! And how great to be able to go for such a "short" time and keep everyone happy (and give Mommy and Daddy a break)! They looked adorable in their matching white shirts!!

  3. Sounds like such a blast! Love you!