Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Wiley B,

What an amazing day it was the day you were born, June 28, 2007!

Your mommy and daddy were so happy!
Your papas were so happy!

Your grammas were so happy!

Your mommy was especially happy! She had been carrying you around for months and she finally got to meet you in person!
You have been everything that we even hoped for or could have dreamed of!
We hardly blinked and we were celebrating your 1st birthday!

And then your 2nd birthday!
 And now you are such a big boy at 3 years old that you helped make your birthday party cupcakes!

We all love you, Wiley!
Your mommy and daddy,
Your brother,
Your grammas and grandpas,
Your uncles and aunties,
and everyone that has ever met you!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Wiley!


  1. A big happy birthday to little Wiley. What a cutie pie. They grow up too darn fast.

  2. Happy Birthday from Papa. I Love You Wiley!