Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have you had a Kringle lately?

The first time I made a Kringle was over 25 years ago. I baked it for a friend's baby shower that I helped host, and now that baby is a full grown adult! Through the years, I moved on to other recipes and somehow forgot about this great little treat. It is not difficult to make, and it has a WoW factor. It looks like you bought it at a bakery! Well, usually, if everything goes right.

As you will see from the recipe, the steps are very easy. You do need a strong stirring arm at the point in the recipe that you are adding the three eggs one at a time. Each egg needs to be added to the flour/butter mixture and stirred completely before you add the next egg. It definitely helps to have some arm muscles or have someone around that can help you with the stirring. Don't let that discourage you from making this. It is well worth the effort.

Recently, my daughter invited her "moms' group" and their kids over for a little pre-birthday brunch party for Wiley. I offered to bake something for the moms and chose to make a Kringle (Danish puff). The night before, as I looked at the recipe, I realized that I would have to be up a lot earlier than usual to have this ready in time for the party. It bakes for 60 minutes, and that's not including the preparation time. I don't mind getting up early when I have something fun to do, so it wasn't a problem!

I hopped out of bed the next morning at the crack of dawn, ready to get started. Thankfully, it was one of those good baking days when everything seems to go right! I had it made and delivered before the moms and kids arrived, and the Kringle was still warm!

The birthday boy with pre-birthday party jitters was sharing some of his concerns with me!
His first words to me when I walked in, Kringle on plate were, "We don't need that, gramma, we have enough already. You can take that back home."

Out of the mouths of babes!

Ivan, the little brother, was there for the fun and food!

Good thing mommy had left a spot for the Kringle!

...now about the cupcakes,
Wiley and I made the cupcakes the day before in his kitchen.

 He worked really hard...
...and then he licked a little, (a lot actually!)


Gramma wasn't hungry for a lick

Stirring is a very hard job!

...and now back to the Kringle

You should try it. You won't believe how good it is! Yes, I had a bite!


Kringle (Danish Puff)


Danish Puff, Kringle,


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