Sunday, March 7, 2010

Preschool with Wiley and the C-17 Globemaster III

Wiley started preschool a couple of week ago and Thursday I went with his mom and brother, Ivan to pick him up. He was really happy to see us when we arrived. We were asked to join them in their good bye circle song. It was more like a "Ring around the Rosie" song.  I had my camera out ready to take pictures but was happy to drop it to join in.
A few pictures of Wiley at his new school.

 Wiley with Ivan in the background

 It is an amazing learning center for kids

 Wiley is giving me a little tour

I'm sure this is something really special

but I don't remember what it was

and I still don't recognize what it could be

but Wiley really likes it and wanted me to see it! 

Thanks for the tour, Wiley!! We are so proud of you!

After preschool, we had some lunch and then we headed over to the airport to watch a few planes come and go. We were lucky to see the largest plane that comes in and out of Long Beach, getting ready to take off. Wiley was so excited. These planes are so large that they all but stop traffic on the 405 when they pass overhead. They are very loud and they look like a flying hotel! I'm not sure what was so special about this one, but as soon as it started heading for the runway, people got out of cars with cameras and ladders. Seriously! These pictures don't really capture just how large they really are!

C-17 Globemaster III 
Each plane costs 200 Million Dollars!
There are 212 in service right now!
(In case you were wondering where some of your tax money is going!)

 These are the worlds most advanced Airlifters. 

This means that they carry oversized cargo; tanks, helicopters, other heavy equipment. They can carry over 80 tons. They carry heavy equipment to both wars and recently have been taking supplies into Haiti. Some of them are equipped as flying hospitals, Aeromedical Units, for evacuation or injured soldiers/people.

How would you like to look up and see this heading your direction?

 The unique thing about them is that they can land on a 3,000 foot long paved or unpaved airfield. They can air drop 102 Paratroopers with their equipment, including a 70 ton M1 Abrams tanks. It requires only 3 people to operate, a pilot, a copilot and a loadmaster. They are actually manufactured here in Long Beach. Pretty amazing! Thanks to my Hubby for all the extra info. He enjoys reading about these kinds of things!

**in case you want more information ;)

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