Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar's Party

I happen to enjoy watching the Oscars!! There I said it. I had only seen one of the movies, but who cares. I like to watch the Oscars and I don't care who knows it!! I love to settle in and get ready for hours of people watching, mainly seeing what the women are wearing. I know it takes a long time to get ready so someone should appreciate all that time and effort. So I do what I can. 

Grandpa spent some time in the afternoon with Wiley and Ivan and told Wiley that Gramma was having an Oscar Party! Wiley was very excited that there was going to be a party but, he wanted to know "Is it going to be scary"? No it wasn't. When they came to the house, Wiley wanted to know "Where is Oscar"? It sounded pretty silly to tell him "Oscar is that gold thing that man is holding." Well, he found out that Gramma was having a party for some imaginary gold man named Oscar. Hmmm, sounds pretty silly doesn't it!

A few shots from our "Oscar Party"

  Ivan waiting for "Oscar"
As you can see, Ivan is really interested in Oscar

 Wiley is still waiting for him to show up to his party

Ivan is more into ice cream than Oscar
Forget Oscar, Wiley's loving his ice cream cone

As you can see, I missed most of the Oscars, but who needs Oscar when you have Wiley and Ivan. We had a lot of laughs watching the boys eat their ice cream cones. I wouldn't trade that for anything! Even Oscar!




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  1. I love your "Oscar" party. Don't blame you on not trading the iced boys for any ole gold thing.