Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

I place the blogs I enjoy into categories that make sense to me; East coast, SoCal, Southern, Foreign, Baking, etc. I also have another category I call "Inactive Blogs." I put inactive blogs that I really enjoyed a lot, and have hopes that they are just taking a little break and will be back soon, into that file. I check it out about twice a year. I love it when they are back and I can reactivate their blogs and start enjoying them again. If there hasn't been any activity since I last checked on it, my plan is to delete it permanently.

Only problem, I can't seem to delete all of them, actually most of them. When I have enjoyed a specific blog regularly for several years, watched their kids growing up and all of a sudden, without any explanation, they are gone, I have a hard time letting go. On the last day they blogged, everything sounded great with no indication that there was a change coming. I have several (over 20) that have been "Inactive" for over 4 years! I want them back. I want the kids to be 4 years older and cuter, they are still married to their Mr. Wonderful husband, still living in their cute house with the white picket fence, happy as can be, baking muffins on Tuesday.
Maybe I'm just too sentimental. I know that in the real world we all live in, things happen and life changes in the blink of an eye. Life can do a 360 in the space of a second. I find my attachment to these blogs to be an interesting thing. I don't know the writers personally, but my head and heart don't know that. They are actually "cyber-head" friends, not real friends.

So I will keep checking in on them every now and then, hoping. Hoping that everything is back to normal. Until then, I will say a prayer for them and hope that wherever they are, that they are healthy and happy.

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