Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Dinner: Bread Course - Lion House Rolls with Fresh Made Butter and Cherry Rhubarb Jam

When it comes to some things that I make, I am a real creature of habit. I have been using the same two roll recipes for over 25 years! Really! I have never had a batch of rolls fail with my two recipes. If it's not broke don't fix it, right!? Well, yes, until I met and made Lion House rolls!!!

No one is more surprised than me to read that I now have a new favorite roll recipe! I have seen the "Lion House" recipe for several years, with great pictures, and I actually don't even know what came over me to make the change. It could have something to do with all recipes that I have found at Mel's Kitchen Cafe. I have made many of her recipes for several years and they always turn out perfect! Because of this, I liked how her rolls looked on her blog and decided to make her "Best Dinner Rolls" which you can find are here. Following her detailed instructions made it very easy. I used Fast Rising Instant Yeast for the first time and I also used half regular white flour and half white whole wheat flour. This recipe makes beautiful dough. It was like playing with marshmallows. You should make these rolls very soon!

When you have beautiful, tasty rolls, you need beautiful tasty homemade butter. I used the same recipe that I have previously posted about. You can find that recipe here.

I found the round butter dish at Home Goods
I couldn't stop there. Who would want a warm roll with fresh creamy butter and no jam? Actually, I would, but sometimes I just can't leave well enough alone! Our guests might really like fresh jam, so I had to do it.  

Note to self: Please do not make fresh butter and jam the afternoon before your dinner party! Make it the day before. It will still taste great the next day. Please, take a few minutes to put your feet up before the real work starts!

I have also posted about this recipe for Cherry Rhubarb Jam that you can find here, but I do have a new picture.


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  1. Your rolls really look perfect. I love baking breads and rolls at home and this will definitely be on my baking list to try. Thanks for sharing.