Monday, June 14, 2010

A Day at the Oregon Coast - Part One

Last week, we were visiting family in Oregon. We took a day for ourselves and headed to the Oregon coast to visit some of our favorite places. 

We have always loved the beach! We live minutes away from Seal Beach here in southern California and love to hang out there as often as possible. We also love the Oregon coast! We love it a lot! Especially the Lincoln City area. We spent our honeymoon at the D'Sands Motel, 38 years ago this year. The D'Sands had just opened and the desk people didn't even know how much to charge us for the room. We always thought that it worked in our favor, because they charged us $18.00 a night and believe me, we were as poor as church mice, and we couldn't afford any more than that! Through the years, the Oregon Coast has been a favorite destination for us.

We headed out on Highway 18, towards the beach and we were really surprised when we saw what looked like a large plane on a building.

We hadn't been there for several years so we had to pull off and see what was happening at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville.


They are constructing a third building with a 747 placed on the roof, that looks like it is ready to take off!

This building is home to the Spruce Goose, built by Howard Hughes in the 1940's.
They have also planted the Spruce Goose Vineyards in front of the Museums.

We always enjoy driving through the Van Duzer Corridor on Highway 18. The forest is green and lush and is rich with "old growth" Douglas firs that grow along the Salmon River.

 It was a very wet day!

A favorite spot when it isn't raining.

Beauty everywhere you look!

A view of the ocean from the car. Yes, I know a little rain won't hurt me!

 One of our favorite places to eat, Kyllo's!

I had my favorite, Dungeness Crab Legs! It was sauteed in butter. Actually, as you can see, it was "drowning" in butter! The salad was greens with a balsamic blue cheese dressing and roasted hazelnuts. Yum! I didn't eat the garlic toast, but I heard it was good. I wish I would have asked for more salad in place of the mashed potatoes. I wasn't in a "mashed potato" mood.

Dear Hubby had the Dungeness Crab Melt and some of their  clam chowder. He shared a bite of his chowder with me. Yum!

We both took a forkful of this peanut butter pie and took the rest "to go", and then forgot it!

This is the view we enjoyed while we ate our lunch. It was a lot of fun!!

Tomorrow - Part Two


  1. What a wonderful post. You visited one of my favorites place on Oregon coast. My kids and I go to Lincoln City often during the summer months. I'm happy that you enjoyed your day even if it was a little damp.

    I love your blog and am now off to read more.

  2. I LOVE Kyllo's as well! Your lunch looks delicious! Nothing can beat the Oregon Coast. Even when it's raining!

  3. Great pictures and story. I want to encourage you to share these with the fans of The Oregon Coast on Facebook, or post your story and pictures on the Oregon Coast website directly.
    and ps: I was in Neskowin on Saturday. It was like August in June!!!

  4. Well, Mom, I'm happy to say that we savored every bite of the PB pie from Kyllo's that you left behind. Your misfortune turned into our delight! That pie is really something special! I'm going to have to drive over there just to get another slice!!

    Love you!!

  5. thansk for posting on the OCVA Facebook and the site. Do you mind if I convert it to all text on the site rather than the links?
    You can write me directly at