Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day at the Coast - Part Three

After enjoying our time in Neskowin checking out some of our favorite places, we decided to take the Neskowin Scenic Drive (old Highway 101 from Neskowin to Otis). We had not taken this drive for several years and we decided it was time to check it out again.

It was as green and beautiful as we remembered. Most of the following pictures tell their own story!

We enjoyed the scenic drive very much and ended up back on Highway 18, in the parking lot of the Otis Cafe. We hadn't gone about five miles on Highway 18 when we decided to explore a little more.

My adventuresome hubby decided to turn off onto Bear Creek Road that very quickly turned into a National Forest Road, NF-17, in the Siuslaw National Forest. It is a one lane logging road that didn't register in our navigation system. Poor Lola (our nickname for our navigation system) almost had a nervous breakdown, trying to get us back into familiar territory.

We were the only ones up there!

Nothing but peace and quiet!

On the one lane road headed back to civilization

We look forward to heading back that direction when the weather conditions are better to explore Drift Creek Falls.

We would have missed all this beauty if we hadn't taken the time to climb that mountain!

On Highway 18, headed toward home.

We took a drive through downtown McMinnville.

After a great day exploring the Oregon Coast, we were happy to arrive safely home at The Farm in St. Paul, Oregon.

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