Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Vintage Recipes

I have been having such a great time going through my new found tubs with more of my old recipes. I'm considering recipes that I have had for over 20-25 years to be vintage. I haven't made any of these that I am posting for at least 10 years, but I considered them my favorite or "go-to" recipes back then.

I believe that I found this recipe in one of those Pillsbury recipe books you see at the grocery check out. It had a picture of these little treats and I thought they were so cute, I went on a search to find my first miniature muffin tin. I made them for different parties and get togethers, and everyone always loved them.

Tea Time Tassies

I started making these in the early 80's. I ...

See Tea Time Tassies on Key Ingredient.

I believe I found this recipe in November of 1997, because on the back of the page I had written this recipe on, was my menu for Thanksgiving dinner. It was just the regular stuff, turkey, dressing, gravy, potatoes, beans, jello, rolls, olives, sweet potatoes, cranberries. This is a very easy way to dress up a boneless skinless chicken breast.

Quick and Easy Chicken

I don't remember who gave this recipe to me ...

See Quick and Easy Chicken on Key Ingredient.

This recipe was given to me by my youngest sister, Lori. I think I made it at least twice a month for a while, because we all loved it. I was looking for this recipe a couple of months ago but couldn't find it, so now it is here for safe keeping.

Sweet and Sour Pork

My sister, Lori, gave this recipe to me years ago ...

See Sweet and Sour Pork on Key Ingredient.

I have not made this recipe for at least 20 years. I remember that the house smelled really good while this was cooking! A mother of one of my high school friends gave me this recipe. Along with the recipe she wrote, baked potato goes well with this dish! Happy Cooking! She was a very nice lady!

Chicken in Mushroom Gravy

I got this recipe from a very nice lady, Leona ...

See Chicken in Mushroom Gravy on Key Ingredient.


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  1. Hmm... 20-25 years = vintage? I guess I'm almost an antique!! =)

    I love seeing some of these recipes again, Mom!! Thanks!!