Saturday, April 24, 2010

A day at the Santa Ana Zoo with the boys

"Fifty Monkeys at all times..." was the unusual request made in 1952 by Joseph Prentice, the founder of the Santa Ana Zoo. Today the  Santa Ana Zoo is a 20 acre oasis tucked in the middle of Orange County's urban jungle.

 Wiley and Ivan love it!

Wiley leads the way

One of the "fifty monkeys"

 Monkeys lounging in the sun

Looking for Indiana Jones...

 ...and for endangered species

Gramma Barb made sure they didn't go too far!

Some of the exotic birds in the aviary

 Monkeys checking us out

Snack's a long trek for a one year old

Wiley's favorite bald eagle

Very disappointed that the anteaters weren't out today

Our view of the Rheas and Guanacos from the train

 Going to The Farm

 Wiley met some new friends in the egg garden

It's a great place to hangout

Ivan's loving the ride

 Time to ride the carousel

Lots of fun on the carousel

 The boys and their horses

Gramma Barb and Wiley having a good time

Feeding the goats

My neck's longer than your neck

 Time to wash off all the goat slobber

Mommy says it's time to go home
We'll be back!

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