Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grant's Favorite Brownies and 2 Minute Quicky Fudge

We really enjoy it when family and friends come to visit, especially our family's that live in Oregon, like sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews, cousins and everyone else. It gives me a chance to bake and make things that I don't usually have around the house, specifically sweets and chocolate. That way I can get the enjoyment of baking, smelling and tasting, but then it's gone!

A few summers ago, my sister Lori was visiting with her two youngest kids. We spent most of the afternoon in the pool and everyone was really hungry by dinner time. After dinner, I tried out a new brownie recipe. The recipe looked really good and I had been waiting for someone to make it for. I baked these brownies and everyone loved them and I thought they were pretty good, but really, have you ever had a really bad tasting brownie? I don't think I have ever eaten a brownie that I didn't like.

At the end of the evening, my nephew, Grant, who was about 6 or 7 years old at that time, came up to me and said, "Auntie Connie, can I please have that recipe for the brownies? I really like those and I want to make them when I get home!" I laughed out loud, I though that was so cute! He really wanted the recipe to give to his mom so that she would make them for him. He is definitely the youngest person that has ever asked me for one of my recipes.  After that sweet experience, I renamed them Grant's Brownies, and they have become my go-to brownie recipe.

This ones for you, Grant!

Staff Room Brownies

These are very decadent Brownies! Very easy to put together ...

See Staff Room Brownies on Key Ingredient.

One more chocolate recipe, for now anyway! This recipe is exactly what it says, 2 Minute Quicky Fudge. A chocolate maker at a food show gave it to me many years ago.


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