Friday, March 26, 2010

An Afternoon at Gramma's House

Wiley came over this week and did we ever have some fun! He is so predictable in the things he wants to do. First, we get out some of his favorite animals, the Little People A to Z Learning Zoo  and then the fun starts.

Wiley loves these animals, every single one of them!

We make up funny stories about the animals.

Wiley likes everything to be set up just right!

He never seems to get tired of it!
 We get very silly!
We laugh and laugh until we are all out of laughs!

After the animals are all "fed," Wiley likes to sit down at the piano and play the "Small World Song" as loud as possible. When that gets boring, Wiley turns up the music as loud as it will go, and we play chase through the great room!  When Gramma is tired of that, we play hide and seek. Wiley likes to plan out where Gramma is going to hide next! We have so much fun, trying to surprise each other!

There is nothing like spending quality time playing with your grandkids! They have a way of making you forget how old you are, and they show you what fun it is to just be silly and forget about all the things that need to be done! Those things can wait, but these boys are growing up fast and I don't want to miss a thing!

Next thing you know, it is time for him to go home, and then Gramma is ready for a nap!

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