Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wiley's Lizard Adventure

Wiley had a big day today. He spent his first morning at preschool without his mom. After school, they came over to Gramma's house to eat their lunch. We had lots of fun after lunch. We played hide and seek, we did the Hokey Pokey and we played chase around the house. It was time to go home but Wiley wasn't quite ready to go.


We went outside to take a little walk.


Wiley found something really interesting in the grass.


 It must have been some kind of bug

 He was so happy to see that his friend was waiting for him on the rock


He picked up his favorite lizard


and brought it over to Gramma


He moved it to another rock for a better place in the sun
 Wiley and his lizard saying goodbye until next time

We crammed a lot of fun in a couple of hours!

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  1. Alan, I was in your Grandpa's choir the day that Mr. Wolfe excitedly told us about the arrival of most amazing grandchild that had ever been born. I remember that he had some concerns about your health for a few days but that gradually faded and he loved to spend a few minutes of choir talking about the family he loved and about his wonderful new grandchild. You were lucky to be born to such a family.