Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Favorite "Old" Recipes

I have spent several hours posting my families old "favorites" and now I'm going to start posting mine. This could take a while, but I will be glad to have them in a printable format. I've been wondering if after I have them entered, am I going to keep my old recipe box with all of the recipes, or am I going to toss them?  Hmmm... I think I need to watch another episode of Hoarders before I answer that question.

Smoked Turkey and Wild Rice Salad

This recipe comes from Otto's Sausage Kitchen & Meat Market ...

See Smoked Turkey and Wild Rice Salad on Key Ingredient.

High Protein Snack Bars

See High Protein Snack Bars on Key Ingredient.

Chocolate Walnut Mini's

See Chocolate Walnut Mini's on Key Ingredient.

Creamy Chocolate Lace Cheesecake

See Creamy Chocolate Lace Cheesecake on Key Ingredient.

Chocolate Midnight Madness

This recipe was pulled out of a magazine in 1980 ...

See Chocolate Midnight Madness on Key Ingredient.

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