Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spiced Peach Jam

We love peaches!

I don't think I have ever met anyone that doesn't love peaches. This summers peaches were the best ever, according to the farmer we bought most of ours from. We used our peaches in many delicious ways but this lovely jam will remain all year. At least I hope it lasts that long. I love to share the things I make so we are down to just a couple jars (which, by the way, got rave reviews.) That's ok, we know how to make it last!

It had not canned anything since the 1980's when our kids lived at home. Somehow, in my feable mind, I was sure we still had that canner. I could still picture it and was convinced I wouldn't have given it away. I searched the garage and asked my hubby if he would look. He didn't find a canner. Ha, as if we would have packed and repacked that canner from Oregon, to Washington, from Washington to California and back to Oregon. Somehow I could picture it and was still convinced we had it packed away. I'm now convinced that I gave away all my canning supplies when we moved in away in the 90's.

When we headed out to find a new canner, I couldn't believe how many choices there are now. Back in the 70's-80's there were just a few choices. In spite of many colored jars to choose from, and several canning methods, I stuck with the clear jars as they highlight the treasures inside the best. We also bought the accessory pack so we were completely ready to tackle the peaches and several other canning projects. 

This is the first batch of jam I made this year and here is the recipe for Spiced Peach Jam. You will find complete directions from start to finish. I made another batch of vanilla peach jam and I will share that recipe another time. Costco still has peaches and we just got a fresh batch of our favorite Maryhill peaches last weekend. I might make another batch of peach jam if we don't eat the peaches first!

Canning can seem daunting if you haven't experienced it yet. It is a very easy way to preserve food. I do recommend buying a canner and the accessories. It makes everything easier. Start out small and go from there. You can preserve food all year long. It's not just a summer thing.

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