Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Loves...

I love, love, love my family! I love my dear hubby. I love our son. I love our daughter and her husband . I love our grandsons. I love our doggies. Since they are the best part of my life I am going to share a few pictures from the past year.

Warning: there will be lots of pictures of my two grandsons and dog children!

Wiley's self portraits. It was a pleasant surprise to find these pics and about 30 more on my iPad! 

This cutie is a 7-year old 2nd grader

And now it's Ivans turn!

This little cutie is now a 5-year old kindergartener

Our doggie kids keep us laughing on a daily basis.

Miss Lucy
Who could resist that cute little face

My dear hubby and I in San Francisco last summer celebrating my 60th birthday!

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