Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally...Present time!

After what must have felt like forever to Wiley, it was time to open his presents!

2 year-old Ivan did a great job watching Wiley open his presents, but notice Wiley is in the corner with his back to anyone who might want to come and help him unwrap his presents
Wiley didn't waste any time getting his presents open
Daddy crawled over to help
Have you tried to take a toy out of a package lately?
It takes a knife, a screwdriver, strong fingers to untwist 25 metal twisties and about 30 minutes!

Daddy giving Ivan some loves and kisses
Wiley is having a lot of fun and had time to smile for the camera
Daddy needed more tools
Wiley emerged from his corner with a big smile
Ivan ready to catch Natalie in the butterfly net
The birthday fairy brought a new bike
His feet reach the pedals
Yay, he can ride it!
The brakes work!
He's a happy birthday boy! And yes, he got a new helmet to go with the bike! Safety first!

Dear Gramma Barb and Grandpa Mike, I hope it feels like you were at the party! You were missed very much! We love you!

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