Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter with the Family

I wanted to make something for Easter that the boys
would enjoy and when I saw this picture and recipe
for a cute bunny cake in People magazine, I decided
this was the one. I used what I had on hand to
decorate it and knew it was something that the boys
would enjoy. 

The finished cake
The de-construction began

and continued

As we all watched
A little finger licking

...and more licking
The demolished bunny
This was the perfect ending for this little bunny cake! 

We all had a good laugh!
Dad and Alan deep in conversation
Time for the Easter egg hunt
It almost started and ended on the steps
They wanted to open every single egg and eat the treat hidden inside

It's not every day you find a treat in somebody's shoe
Just one more bite!
Time to release some energy outside with the kids next door
P.S. The Easy Bunny Cake was from the People magazine, April 18, 2011, Vol. 75 No. 15, page 107.

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