Thursday, April 14, 2011

Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies

A closer look-hunks of melty bittersweet chocolate
I made these cookies recently for someone that I heard loves anything chocolate. I searched until I found a recipe that had double chocolate plus espresso powder. I love how a little coffee enhances the chocolate flavor. In place of the semisweet chocolate that the recipe called for, I used bittersweet chocolate. 

Baking them is kind of a blur because I was making 12 other things at the same time, but I'm sure they came together fairly easy. The house was filled with the deep aroma of chocolate while they baked. I can't eat any type of dark chocolate anymore, so the aroma is as close as I can get to enjoying dark chocolate. I also stay away from all caffeine. I know, how boring! It isn't that I want to, it's because they both make me physically sick! Don't worry, I still have my memories of the days long ago when I could eat dark chocolate and indulge in all things caffeine.

I never heard if the chocolate lover liked them, but my dear hubby enjoyed a couple of duds that didn't make the cut. He said they were "very, very good!"

Warm and melty, fresh from the oven

Here is the recipe:


Double Chocolate Buzz Buzz Cookies


Chocolate, Cookie, Instant Espresso Powder,


        See Double Chocolate Buzz Buzz Cookies on Key Ingredient.     



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