Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday Night Cooking for Coni

The break is nearing an end...dear hubby continues his ramblings...

Coni is such an outstanding cook (and baker), that after 37 years of marriage, I have learned to be a good assistant in the kitchen. I can help cut up vegetables and clean up the dishes, but once in a while I will get to prepare a meal for Coni. Even though I was a cook for 6 years in the Army, cooking at home is not the same. So...I keep it simple and usually stick with my tried and true meals...omelets, hash browns and toast for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch and steaks and potatoes for dinner. That's about the extent of my repertoire.

So, after our enjoyable afternoon drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula on Saturday afternoon, a swim together in the pool, I offered to fix Coni a Saturday evening meal. Earlier in the day, we had gone to Sprouts (a local fresh/organic market) and selected some (USDA Choice) Filet Mignon steaks (Choice or Prime are always worth paying a little more -- the better taste and tenderness are always noticeable), some red potatoes, broccoli and a great selection of fresh fruits. So, it seemed obvious...Steak, potatoes and a vegetable...I can do that!

I always try to get the meat out on a plate and seasoned before I am ready to grill it. Getting it closer to room temperature (but not sitting out so long that it can spoil) helps it cook more evenly and gives you a better finish.

Seasoned Filet Mignon, resting and getting to room temperature

This time I varied from my regular seasoning (Sea salt, fresh ground pepper and garlic) and used a new product that Coni has had good success with, in place of the salt. I sprinkled the meat on both sides with fresh ground pepper and garlic powder, and then I added the new seasoning salt. It is called: J & D's Bacon Salt. It is made by a Seattle, Washington company and " a zero fat, zero calorie, vegetarian and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon." If you like the taste of bacon, you will enjoy trying out this product.

While the meat was resting, I washed, dried and sliced the red potatoes (about 1/4" slices) and did my best to make Coni's Beach Potatoes recipe. Keeping the bacon theme going, I added crumbled bacon on the top of the potatoes for a little extra kick.

My attempt at Coni's Beach Potatoes (with bacon added)

Steamed some cleaned broccoli...

Threw the steaks on the pre-heated grill...

..and ta da...Coni has a Saturday night dinner served to her

You will have to check in with her to see how it tasted (I think the broccoli was a bit flat)...oh was dinner.

Coni -- Thanks for the guest posting was fun! 

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