Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Afternoon on the Palos Verdes Peninsula -- Part Three

Coni is still taking a break...dear hubby is on a roll...

After checking in to see that Donald Trump was OK...we continued on around the Palos Verdes Peninsula. After you pass the Trump National Golf Club, the road begins to lead away from the cliffs edges and you have to say goodbye to the beautiful ocean view.

Goodbye ocean...hello San Pedro

 Before you know it you are entering the back side of San Pedro

San Pedro is home to the Port of Los Angeles and the entrance to the Los Angeles Harbor. Built on a hillside looking down (for the most part) to the harbor, the views are mostly ships, containers, and huge cranes to move the cargo.

The view from the hills of San Pedro down to the Port of Los Angeles

We continued down the hills of San Pedro past the Ports o' Call (an area of shops and restaurants that is fun to visit), past the Cruise Ship Terminal and up onto the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

From a distance it looks a bit like the Golden Gate Bridge

It is an impressive bridge. When we first moved to LA, it was a toll bridge, but now it is free to cross.

High atop the bridge, you have a view of the ships in the port.

Beauty in this area is hard to find...industrial storage, cranes and containers as far as you can see -- They don't make postcards of these views!


 ...and more containers...that's the extent of the view

Another bridge to take us over the waterway and on to Long Beach

An attempt at beautification...blue wavy decorations along-side the LA River retaining wall

Once you transition onto the 710N, you look up to see the top of the wall that contains the the LA River. When the rains come (and they do), this river runs full, right up near the top of the wall that runs along-side the freeway.

Passing over the LA River into Long Beach

Passing over the "scenic" LA River marks the end of our Palos Verdes Peninsula drive. From there we were back on the 405 and heading for home. While out on the peninsula, it felt like we stepped out into another world for the afternoon. Scenic views, memories made and always great company...we love our afternoon drives.

Tomorrow, dear hubby will share his version of Saturday night cooking for Coni.

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