Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Supper

I think we are in a rut. Yes, I know that we are in a big rut! That would be a supper big rut! And I don't mean super, I mean supper! Our summer supper is very boring but I like it anyway! Most of our summer suppers start with this...

Yes, Woo is a great big old tub'o lettuce... it can take a week for two people to get through one of these containers from Costco! The only thing to do is eat lots of salad! We try to make sure that we have plenty of good things on it!

 This is the dear hubby's salad and
he loves the bread with his!

This is my salad with roasted hazelnuts

 It's this Oregonzola Blue Cheese that makes our salads so good!

And when the Oregonzola is gone, we have this to look forward too!
As you can see, we have lots of salad in our future.

On the positive side, dinner is really easy to make and we can sit down to dinner in about 20 minutes. I can whip up a little dressing with some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, an extra spice or two, and salt and pepper and we are good to go. It will either have chicken or fish on it and in addition to strawberries, we like pears, apples, and numerous veggies too. We enjoy our salad suppers very much, but there is one big problem...

You would get very bored if I blogged about every salad we eat, so it leaves me a little high and dry with limited things to blog about. You say "what about breakfast"  Yes, there's always breakfast, but we eat the same thing for breakfast every morning, too; Coaches oatmeal and a boiled egg. Who hoo!

Oh, and lunch, well, now I'd be boring you for sure! Trust me, it's just as boring! Wheat toast with tuna or peanut butter, veggies and fruit. I told you it was boorrrring!

Well, now you know why I only post about miscellaneous things and baked goods! At least now you know why I bake lots of yummy things and send them away for someone else to enjoy. I need my girlish figure during the pool season, because I spend a lot of time in here...

I hope you can bear with me here, at least through the summer, and I will keep blogging about the things I make that other people eat!

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  1. Funny- that's how most of our summer dinners are as well, perhaps something yummy from the grill added! I also love making yummy baked goods for others to enjoy! Great minds think a like!