Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ritzy Quiche Lorraine

This recipe was given to me by the best chef I have ever had the pleasure to meet and get to know personally. I have enjoyed his amazing cooking skills on many occasions and everything he makes, cooks, bakes, etc., is not only amazing, but out of this world amazing! And, I don't think that only because I love him and am very biased; I know it because everyone that has ever had the priviledge to eat anything that he has created, feels just the same way!!

This very special chef has traveled around the world and just happened to land in Paris and attended a famous "Blue" chef school. He shall remain nameless here, but he knows who he is and so will many of the people who read this blog!

These two very "special" recipes have been adapted especially for this blog.

Short Pastry (pate brisee)

Short pastry is traditionally made with water. However, it is ...

See Short Pastry (pate brisee) on Key Ingredient.

Quiche Lorraine

This is a world famous Quiche Lorraine. It doesn't ...

See Quiche Lorraine on Key Ingredient.

Thank you, Matt!! I love you!!

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