Friday, June 11, 2010

Ritzy Cookies and Cake

I have had such a great time pouring through very special recipes that are in ring binders, not printed in a traditional cookbook. There are lots of French words that I don't understand, so I'm glad that they are translated into English. There are so many recipes that look and sound so amazing that it is hard to decide which ones to post. I chose these two recipes because they use basic ingredients that most of us usually have on any given day. I am happy that I have the opportunity to share  two more special "Ritzy" recipes. These recipes make four servings and they aren't complicated, even though they are very Ritzy recipes.

Honey Cookies

A small, delicate cookie

See Honey Cookies on Key Ingredient.

This recipe for Pound Cake caught my eye because it is made with a few basic ingredients.

Pound Cake

A special but easy cake

See Pound Cake on Key Ingredient.


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