Monday, June 7, 2010

Coming to a Drive-Thru Near You!!

We had a "first" recently and so I decided to share the experience with you too!

From this view, this looks like a regular, innocent reciept from "Burgerville." You might not be familiar with "Burgerville," if you don't live on the west coast. Burgerville is a very popular drive-thru. It is to the Northwest, what In-n-Out is to Southern California. We hadn't been to Burgerville for several years and recently had the opportunity to indulge. I might have enjoyed my burger a little more if I hadn't taken out my glasses to see what all the columns were about. This is was that innocent looking receipt turned into.

 A reality check on what I was about to eat! My double cheeseburger was going to cost me 449 calories! Wow! Talk about a Buzz Kill!!! I'm glad it has been several years since I had one!

But, back to the important part of this post! It won't be long before most of our dining experiences will contain this very important information. It will help us make better choices in what we eat. Sure, it's ok to enjoy something less healthy every now and then, but it shows how devastating to health and girth to eat like this very often!

I did eat my cheeseburger and enjoyed it very much in spite of that reality check I received right before I indulged.

Fortunately, there was a little good news on the back of the receipt!

It made me feel so much better about my decision, knowing that Burgerville recycles used vegetable oil, turning it into cleaner burning diesel fuel!

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