Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Healthier Strawberry Scones

I have a quick recipe for Strawberry Scones. I have been trying to re-work some recipes that I like using healthier ingredients. I was very happy with how these scones turned out so I am going to save this recipe and also pass it along.

The main issue with scones is the fat. The best scone recipes use cream, heavy cream or butter to make them tender, and frankly, good! In the following recipe I used low fat vanilla yogurt, almond milk in place of regular milk, and coconut oil for half of the butter, and white whole wheat pastry flour in place of all purpose flour.

The coconut oil can be kept in the cupboard depending on how you use it. If it is warm in your house, it will turn to liquid. I was planning on using all coconut oil, but only 4 tablespoons were firm enough and the rest was to soft due to our warmer weather. It is now in the refrigerator and can be used as you would butter or shortening. Allow time for it to warm up a little before trying to get it out of the jar.

This is the coconut oil that I used

The scones turned out light and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. If you are interested in a healthier scone, you should give this a try. 

Strawberry Scones

A lower fat and calorie scone that is full of ...

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  1. I have got to try this! I love scones (who doesn't??) and love the thought of a healthier version! Thanks for sharing!!