Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

Today I have more recipes from a favorite cookbook that I cooked and baked from many times during the 90's. I find that there is a simplicity that comes with most of these older recipes. The following recipes are especially good for breakfast or brunch, and even dinner! We love having breakfast for dinner at our house every once in a while.

This first recipe is from Willowbrook Inn located in Gold Hill, Oregon. They don't appears to have a website, but they are listed here in Jackson County Bed and Breakfast Directory. This recipe is for Herb Garden Frittata and it uses fresh herbs from your herb garden, or of course, store bought works just fine too. It calls for basil and oregano, but you could use any combination of your favorite herbs.

Herb Garden Frittata

This recipe is from "Wake up and Smell the Coffee ...

See Herb Garden Frittata on Key Ingredient.

This recipe for South of the Border Quiche is from the Salisbury House in Seattle, Washington. Green Chilies are added for the "hot" factor, so you can adjust how many you use according to taste. To make it extra spicy and fresh, serve salsa on the side with a dollop of sour cream. I remember making this for my Dad because he loves spicy food, and he loved it. I used the whole can of green chilies. The Inn suggests serving it with tropical fruit and a corn muffins. 

South of the Border Quiche

This recipe is from "Wake up and Smell the Coffee ...

See South of the Border Quiche on Key Ingredient.

This recipe is from Turtleback Farm Inn on Orcas Island, Washington. Their recipe is for a Souffle Roll. The egg mixture is made baked on a cookie sheet like you would make a jelly roll, and it is filled with a spinach, mushroom and cream cheese filling. This recipe can be made the day before and reheated when you are ready to serve it. You slice it just like a jelly roll and it makes an elegant presentation with fresh fruit and a tasty muffin. 

Souffle Breakfast Roll

This recipe is from "Wake up and Smell the Coffee ...

See Souffle Breakfast Roll on Key Ingredient.

This recipe is from Sonka's Sheep Station Inn in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. This is a unique "farmstay" Bed and Breakfast where they raise purebred sheep. It is a working sheep ranch and they invite their guests to share in lambing, shearing, haying or helping with chores. You can also just watch the border collies doing their job! Their recipe is for Fancy Egg Scramble.  You scramble the eggs with Canadian bacon and mushrooms and they are folded into a simple cheese sauce and covered with buttered bread crumbs. Very simple but delicious! This dish can be made the day before and reheated just before serving.

Fancy Egg Scramble

This recipe is from "Wake up and Smell the Coffee ...

See Fancy Egg Scramble on Key Ingredient.

The last recipe is from the  Inn at Swifts Bay on Lopez Island, Washington in the San Juan Islands. I was in the San Juan Island once and have always wanted to go back because they are absolutely beautiful. The chef that created this recipe for Inn at Swifts Bay Potatoes, was a brunch chef in Napa, California. These potatoes are great as a side dish with any of these egg dishes. The sugar and vinegar give them a sweet/sour flavor which takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get the flavors to meld just right.

Inn at Swifts Bay Potatoes

This recipe is from "Wake up and Smell the Coffee ...

See Inn at Swifts Bay Potatoes on Key Ingredient.

I'm adding an extra recipe that came to me through email from Bed and Breakfast Inn's Online. This recipe is from Federal Crest Inn Bed and Breakfast
located in Lynchburg, Virginia. The recipe is for Perfect Fruit Compote and it sounds really good and would go well with all of these breakfast and brunch recipes.

Perfect Fruit Compote

This recipe was sent to me from Bed and Breakfast ...

See Perfect Fruit Compote on Key Ingredient.

PS More recipes tomorrow from this cookbook

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