Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm one of those weird wives that tells my dear hubby every year at Mother's day, don't get me anything because I'm not your mom! But he does anyway! Always has! He says it's because I'm the mother of his children. It is interesting that most mom's end up with more work than usual to celebrate "Mother's" day. What's so special about that?

This year I thought we should mix it up for Mother's Day. I was ready for a mom's day where no one had to clean their house for company, no one had to cook and bake for days, no one had to spend Monday cleaning up and putting everything away, and not recovering until Tuesday. There's always a risk when you suggest something new, because if it doesn't turn out well and no one has fun, it's all on you! Actually, I'm being a little dramatic because our family group is really cool and laid back. Still, I did want everyone to have fun together. So, I suggested that we all go to Tom's Farm.

We have enjoyed going to Tom's Farm for many years and thought it would be so much fun to take grandchildren there (before we had any hope of getting some)! So, we were really happy when everyone was up for a change and we put Tom's Farm on our calenders. When we all talked about it ahead of time, we all agreed that Saturday would be a better day to go so that we could beat the Mother's Day crowd.

On Saturday morning, both sets of grandparents and Wiley and Ivan and their parents set out for Tom's Farm. It was such a beautiful day! The temperatures were in the 80's, but the breezes were blowing. We all met there and ended up spending about five hours there. The first things Wiley saw were the animals in the petting zoo, and they were great little animals!

There were several newborn piglets, baby goats, hens and ducks. The kids can enter for two dollars (plus an adult) and they are given a cup of food that all of the animals can eat. This picture only shows one part of the area.

Grandpa Mike helping Wiley on his pony, Dexter

Wiley loves horses and loved every minute of his ride.

The boys enjoyed sitting on this wagon while Wiley took the reins.

Oops! Good thing we saw this sign before we helped Wiley climb on the horse!
Wiley getting his first lesson in target shooting.

 Gramma Barb and Ivan sharing a moment

Ivan enjoying a little down time!

During the majority of our time at Tom's Farm, my camera was off so that I could enjoy our time together in person, not through the lens. We also enjoyed an amazing magic show. I was sitting on the front row with Wiley and one of the little doves must have gotten confused and it flew toward me and was ready to land on my shoulder. Those that know me well, know that I don't enjoy birds flying near or around me! I'm glad it didn't stop the show when I let out a shriek!

 Some of the bad guys that tried to rob us during our train ride. 

They ended up being good guys!

This nice lady handed out golden chocolate coins to the kids. Let's see, chocolate, kids, temperatures in the upper 80's, you're right, a mess!

 Ivan found a dog he loved!

And a cute little baby

Gramma Barb and Grandpa Mike had a good time. We found a nice shady spot to eat our lunch. We enjoyed the live music playing across the pond, and the food was really good too! 

Ivan taking his first pony ride

Not too sure if he liked it or not

Wiley enjoying his second ride, waving to his fans!

He started enjoying it the second time around

Now he's loving it!

Wiley would have been happy spending the rest of the day on his pony!

I wish I would have at least taken a picture of the train and the carousel, but I was wrapped up in the moment! Even though we spent five hours at Tom's, we didn't explore everything they had to offer. We will have to plan another trip! 

The best part was the next day, Mother's day. Christy slept for a much needed 14 hours while Daddy watched the boys! And her husband fixed her a yummy dinner. Gramma Barb said in an email that she didn't get dressed until dinner! My dear hubby made me breakfast, and a beautiful tenderloin steak dinner. I talked to my daughter twice on the phone and my son called twice and we enjoyed some great conversation. It doesn't get any better than that for me! All three of us mom's were able to enjoy the day and spent it doing what we wanted, instead of cooking and entertaining!

I have a feeling that we just started a new family tradition! I think I'll start looking for another destination for next year.

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