Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blog Surfing

I'm not sure if I would call this breakfast or dessert, but this Baked Hawaiian Oatmeal looks amazingly good. From The Ungourmet blog.

This recipe caught my eye. Potato salad has been my families summer picnic staple for many years, but after I saw this recipe of Martha Stewarts on The Bitten Word for Warm Potato Salad with Goat Cheese, I might change my mind.

One Perfect Bite has an interesting way to grill and serve eggplant. Try this Grilled Asian Eggplant with Soy Ginger Glaze for a flavorful change.

It's been a long time since I made something like this, but Bakerella has some Pudding Cups that look great. She shows you step by step how to make these pudding cups with balloons, melted chocolate and pudding.

The Roasted Vegetable Pasta looks really good. You can find it at The Hungry Housewife Blog.

These Triple Fruit Scones look really good and they have been lightened up thanks to Cooking Light.

I think this wins the prize for the easiest and quickest strawberry dessert found at A Spoonful of Thyme. Check out this Seafood Mold. It looks unusual even though I'm sure it is very tasty. I'm just not sure if it looks or sounds appetizing. featured a recipe for Crunchy Romaine Strawberry Salad. I enjoy trying different salads, especially when they have strawberries and a little crunch. Add sliced chicken breast and you have a meal. 

These Compost Cookie Bars look outrageously decadent. Thanks to Alpineberry.

Joy the Baker shows you  How to Make Butter.

Eating Well magazine has a recipe for Spiced Eggplant-Lentil Salad with Mango and I read a review that raved on how good it was. Their reader poll gave it a 4.7 rating.

My Carolina Kitchen has a recipe for French Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese which is very low fat. The goat cheese would give it a very creamy texture.

This Summer Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Vinaigrette looks like another good salad to add to the summer recipe file. Thanks to Annie's Eats.
Are you familiar with Chowhound Boards? It is a worldwide message board where you can find information about restaurants in larger metropolitan areas around the world. You select the area that you are in or the area where you plan on visiting and type in the name of a restaurant or a type of cuisine you are interested in. Diners write their reviews and comments and it helps you decide if you are interested. We have used this for years here for Los Angeles and Orange County and have found it a very valuable resource.

One last thing, have you checked out the Owlets lately? The four of them have gotten so big. They are all looking so grown up. If it wasn't for their fuzzy baby feathers, you would think they were adults. Once they realize that they have wings, I'm guessing they will start fighting for their own space like normal siblings. They could be leaving their nest with in the month.

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments on my Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese. It's so easy it practically makes itself.

    Have a great weekend Coni.