Thursday, May 27, 2010

Basic Oat and Almond Granola

I have another batch of granola to share. I wanted a granola recipe that is easy to make, takes less than an hour and is as healthy as possible. This is a basic recipe that you can substitute any dried fruit or add any nut you would like. You can also add any flavoring to the liquid mixture. It also makes a smaller batch so that you change your flavors more often. 

I have been wanting to make some granola using Trader Joe's Organic Blue Agave Sweetener instead of honey or maple syrup and Organic Coconut Oil. You can also use maple syrup or honey in place of the agave sweetener and you can use regular cooking oil in place of the coconut oil. Don't be afraid of the coconut oil. It comes in a bottle and in cold weather it will most likely be congealed in the jar, but it scoops out very easily. In hot weather it might be melted in the jar. Either way it is very easy to use. It can be used in place of oil, shortening or butter as a healthier option for most baked goods. 

Basic Oat and Almond Granola

Not to sweet but nice and crunchy. Very simple to ...

See Basic Oat and Almond Granola on Key Ingredient.


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  1. Beautiful Picture...It tastes Great!!