Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and an Earthquake

Our three day weekend was filled with lots of Easter activities. On Friday, we had lots of fun making Easter egg cupcakes and decorating them. Wiley started out helping us but he soon realized that sticking your fingers in the frosting was even more fun, and, the sprinkles stick on your fingers so much better when they are covered in frosting.

When he was finished, he left a trail of frosting behind.

Christy and I enjoyed finishing them while Papa kept the boys entertained. They played the tuba, "sailed in the ocean" with the sharks and pincher crabs and talked about animals.

On Sunday afternoon, we all met at our daughters house for the afternoon. The boys provided the entertainment.

 Ivan was crawling...

  and Wiley was on the run!

Ivan and his beautiful Mommy

Ivan kept the Gramma's laughing

And Wiley is still running!

Ivan is ready to eat

What a little Sweetheart

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner that included, smoked ham, scalloped potatoes with fennel, sauteed carrots with brown sugar and nutmeg, sugar snap peas with onions, a beautiful salad with grapes, blueberries and lots of other crunchy veggies, Dream Salad and rolls.

After the meal was over, it was time for a visit from the Easter Bunny. By the time boys got out to the back yard, the Easter Bunny was long gone, but the yard was covered with eggs and the hunt began.

Wiley was hoping to find the Easter Bunny!

 Wiley wanted to open every plastic egg before looking for more

"Hmm...I wonder what inside?"

 Off to find more

 Grandpas and Daddy enjoying the fun

 Ivan tried to keep up with everyone

 Gramma Barb helped him out!

Time to play

For dessert we had Peanut Butter Birds Nests, Mini Lemon Bites and Strawberry Angel Cake.

When we were planning our Easter menu, Christy thought that Gramma's Dream Salad sounded really good. It was always requested and enjoyed on many holidays but especially on Easter. I realized that I had not posted this recipe, so here it is.

Dream Salad

The grandkids always looked forward to their favorite jello salad ...

See Dream Salad on Key Ingredient.

We left out daughter's and drove home after the Easter lunch and Easter Egg hunt.  I had no more than got in the door, and my husband was bring things in from the car when the house started earthquake! The fans and lights kept rocking for about five minutes. The biggest impact was on the pool. They water rolled from one end to the other for over 20 minutes, with the water flooding the patio. The first earthquake was 6.7 and their have been several aftershocks. It was 20 miles underground and the epicenter was approx. 175 miles from us. So that's how we spent our weekend!

I hope you had a Happy Easter!

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  1. Great photos of Easter!! I feel like I was there!! Love you!!!