Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lytle Family Recipes

My mother-in-law, Dorothy and sister-in-law, Deanna are excellent cooks. Down through the years, they have both shared their recipes with me and given me cookbooks that I still have and treasure very much. Here are a few of their recipes that I have in my recipe box.

Great Grandma Paulsen was in her 70's when I first met her. I know that she was an outstanding cook for many years. She lived with her family on a working farm in North Dakota and she cooked many meals for her family and hired hands. She got up very early everyday to bake fresh bread and everything from scratch, including lighting the fire in the oven. Any time we think we have it hard in the cooking department, we should remember what our grandmothers and great grandmothers went through to get a meal on the table. Great Grandma Paulsen lived to be 99 years old. This is the only recipe I have from her in my recipe box.

Impossible Pie

See Impossible Pie on Key Ingredient.

I only met Aunt Emma Larson a couple of times. She was Great Grandma Paulsen's younger sister. One thing everyone said about her is that she was such a good cook.
I'm glad that I have this recipe from her.

Layered Dessert

See Layered Dessert on Key Ingredient.

My mother-in-law, Dorothy is one of my favorite people. I couldn't love her more! We have enjoyed so many wonderful meals around her dining room table. If you asked any of her grandkids about their favorite meal at Gramma's house, they would all say they wanted it to include her amazing hot rolls with butter and strawberry freezer jam. Here are her recipes that I have in my box.

Salmon Quiche

See Salmon Quiche on Key Ingredient.

Bridge Club Chicken Casserole

See Bridge Club Chicken Casserole on Key Ingredient.

Quick Banana Bread

See Quick Banana Bread on Key Ingredient.

Raw Apple Cake

See Raw Apple Cake on Key Ingredient.

Never Fail Pickles

See Never Fail Pickles on Key Ingredient.

My sister-in-law, Deanna is also one of the nicest people that I know. She is always so happy and kind and my kids have always called her "Auntie Dee." She always brought the best dishes to family gatherings. She probably got tired of me asking for her recipes. I'm glad I have these recipes to share from her.

Roquefort Cheese Log

See Roquefort Cheese Log on Key Ingredient.

Hamburger Stroganoff

See Hamburger Stroganoff on Key Ingredient.

Layered Salmon Salad

See Layered Salmon Salad on Key Ingredient.

Shake Mix for Chicken

See Shake Mix for Chicken on Key Ingredient.

Oven Pancake

See Oven Pancake on Key Ingredient.

Marshmallow Puffs

See Marshmallow Puffs on Key Ingredient.

Cookie Cheesecake Squares

See Cookie Cheesecake Squares on Key Ingredient.

Almond Roca

See Almond Roca on Key Ingredient.

Choco-Cheese Cake

See Choco-Cheese Cake on Key Ingredient.

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

See Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies on Key Ingredient.

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