Friday, December 12, 2014

Almond Tea Cakes

Wow, only 13 days until Christmas!! In case you are wondering where I have been, I am just now coming out of a fog that began five weeks ago. I'm not sure if time flies by or drags along when you are forced to lay low. That's not the way I live my regular life but life has been far from regular these past weeks. For now I will explain it in a few well-chosen words:

AFib - 911 -  ambulance-fire department - near-death - revived - ER -  near death - revived - battered+bruised - over-drugged - blood-work - black-out - attached to heart monitor 24/7 -  "they are trying to kill me" - heart stop - heart reset - over-drugged -  can't drive, need to be driven - "they are trying to kill me" - fainting - vertigo - house-bound - nausea+vertigo - downloading heart monitor - fainting+vertigo -  that repeated day in and day out, plus 11 trips to ER and urgent care explain our last few weeks. It is a long story and I am looking forward right now and spend very little time looking backwards! I might share more sometime next year. That's not a promise!

I was given a new cookbook "Good Food Great Medicine" a while back. It is very interesting and has tons of great looking recipes. I decided to make the almond tea cakes. Someone shared their last bite with me, otherwise I would have missed out. One bite wasn't much to write a review on but the rate in which they were devoured tells the real story! I heard "these are so good" "what are these, a cookie or a muffin" "are there any more" so I will base my review on those comments. They are super easy to make and I would make them again. They are gluten free and technically sugar free but they do have a half cup of honey. Even so, they aren't overly sweet from what I tasted. I place of flour you use ground almonds. I buy mine at Trader Joe's for under $5.00. This recipe did use up the remainder of our delicious Blackberry Honey so we will need more very soon!

So... here is the recipe...


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