Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blackberry Honey

A couple months ago, a Portland morning show, AM Northwest, featured a lady that knows everything you ever wanted to know about honey. One of the things she said that I kept thinking about was regarding flavored honeys. I have never been a lover of honey, but what she said about honey intrigued me. She said that orange blossom honey does not taste like orange, naturally. Same goes for all other "flavored" honeys, with one exception, blackberry honey! Who knew! You probably did but I didn't! I was intrigued by this and started looking for pure "Blackberry" honey. Let me just say, It wasn't easy to find. We finally found blackberry honey in McMinnville, Oregon, of course! We have found many good things in that beautiful city.

Don't judge us! We are aware that we have used almost half a bottle!

Of course we wanted to try it so as soon as we arrived back home. We had to do a taste test. Oh my, I knew instantly that I love "Blackberry" honey! We decided this honey needed some  Buttermilk Cornbread so we could really try it out. I can tell you it is very good on cornbread. It would also be good on a scone, a piece of toast, or with a spoon! There is a new honey fan in town, as long as it is "Blackberry" honey. If you are interested in more information about all things honey from an Oregonian, you got it! Click here and you will find all you need to know about honey. Marie Simmons also has a cookbook "Taste of Honey."

If I didn't make you want to drop everything and go on the hunt for Blackberry Honey, I haven't done my job. Go find yourself some "Blackberry" honey and...


P.S. Did you notice the little bee above the label? Until I just saw the bottle this big, I though the honey bottle had a blemish. It makes me happy that it's actually a little bee!

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