Monday, October 20, 2014


If you love pickles, raise your hand...I'm raising mine! I consider myself a pickle connoisseur. Not just any old pickle. No run of the mill pickles for me! I grew up in a home that always had Mrs. Neusihin's Pickles. Only Mrs. Neusihin's dill pickles! It was a sad day when they were bought-out by a Wisconsin company. Fred Meyer's sold them for a few years but they appear to be gone from the west coast. Never fear, make your own.

My mom-in-law made pickles every year 30+ years ago. They were very similiar to the pickles we ate at my parents house. When our kids and their cousins were young, we ate Sunday dinner at my in-laws house almost every Sunday after church. The condiments, pickles, olives, carrot and celery sticks were the first foods on the table. By the time we sat down to eat, all the pickles and olives were long gone! Surprisingly, the carrots and celery were left for the adults.

I was pickless for years. It took me many years to find a pickle I would/could eat. I can't tell you how many times I was told, "Here, try this pickle, it's exactly how you like them." Not!!! When we lived in SoCal, I finally found my new favorite pickles, Bubbies. They are so good and hard to beat. We don't eat very many pickles but when we do, it has to be Bubbies.

Well... that is last summer and I got the crazy idea that I wanted to make some dill pickles. I had made pickles with my mom-in-laws recipe back in the 80's and it sounded like a great idea to try it again. My dear hubby is always ready for anything, so we had fun shopping at our favorite farm stands for the best ingredients and then we jumped in and made pickles. We accomplished all of that in one fun afternoon. Projects are always more fun when your helper is very strong and does all the heavy lifting!

These turned out very good!
It's always nice when you put out a lot of time and energy and you are rewarded with it turning out well. I enjoy sharing projects that are successful with family and friends. We made seven quarts and I expect they will be gone by January 2015!

Here is my dear mom-in-laws recipe for Never Fail Pickles


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