Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pickled Golden Beets with Ginger and Star Anise

 While I was in pickling mode, I was reminded how easy it is to pickle things! I went on a crazy search for anything and everything I could pickle! I decided to go for it and make pickled beets, not the red ones but the under-rated yellow beets.

I was so happy to find a recipe that used whole star anise! It looks so nice tucked inside this jar.

 My dear hubby loves beets so I asked him if this recipe's ingredients  sounded good to him when pickled. He said YES so he helped me make these beets that are mostly for him! Don't worry, we will share.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and it comes from the food blog Garden Therapy.

This recipe makes 4 pints of pickled beets. We have not tried ours yet because we are trying to save them for the holidays. They will be here very soon. Less than 10 weeks until Christmas!


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