Thursday, October 20, 2011

Raw Apple Cake - Vintage Recipe

This one's for you, Lori!

You gave me this recipe for Raw Apple Cake in the mid 70's! That's well over 30 years ago! How is it possible that we can be that old? How did we become the grandma's that bake cakes? After our conversation on Tuesday, I wanted to make sure I got this recipe back to you in printable form so you can add it to your recipe file.

I remember you made this cake for a baby shower you held at your house. I liked it so much I asked you for your recipe. Although I didn't end up making this cake on Tuesday like I had planned, I have made this cake many times through these 30+ years and it always turns out perfect! Very moist! I would like to make it again soon, and when I do, I will post a picture.


Raw Apple Cake


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