Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Day of the Crows

I heard quite a familiar yet unfamiliar sound in the yard so I looked out of the upstairs window to see what was happening down at the feed bowl. Sitting on the fence, in the trees and in our yard were over half a dozen crows. This was a first. The blue jays and squirrel chattering at the food bowl are noises I am familiar with, but this was a first to have a yard full of crows. I haven't seen any crows at all and I couldn't help but wonder where they came from and how they got the word to come to our yard. 

The squirrel was in a big hurry to leave
I ran downstairs to get my camera and by the time I had it ready to use there were only a couple left.

The small birds came to clean up the seeds that had spilled on the deck
This neighborhood cat decided to stop by
Staring at the doggies as they bark like crazy at him
Meanwhile, the berries on the trees must have changed overnight because the birds came, dozens at a time, to eat them. This went on all day long.

It was a very busy day

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