Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome - Take Two!

When we took our "baby" daughter to Seattle to start college in 1995, wow, that was hard. I was in full on "empty nest syndrome." Eventually, I adjusted to not having her in my life on a daily basis. Life does go on! I filled my life with activities that kept me busy and around other people. First and foremost, I went back to school! It felt good to do something for myself! Very quickly, my life was full of excitement and challenges and there was no time for "empty nest syndrome."

Now I find myself living another version of "empty nest syndrome." My daughter and her family moved to Seattle last week. My grandsons are no longer a part of my "almost daily" life. Like most transitions, this process has been difficult, but I am looking forward, not backward, and I am embarking on the next chapter of my life. I'm not sure what that will include, but I am ready and open.

Several months ago, I saw a sign that really stuck in my head. It read,

"Don't cry because its over, Smile because it happened!"

I shared it with several people, of course, not knowing that it would very soon have a deep meaning in my own life! Through this summer I have been busy spending as much time with my grandsons and daughter as possible, making "smile" memories to keep me going after they were gone.

Fortunately, they are only 3 hours away, so we are in the process of working out our new "normal." I never wanted or expected to be a part-time gramma, but here I am again, looking for something meaningful to fill those empty spots in my days. I don't know where or what that will be, but I am open to what life brings my way.

I will be okay, but I'm not sure about these two. If we could just convince our doggies that life is still worth living without their boys.

 Such sad doggies!
They want their boys back!

Watching and waiting!

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