Monday, September 19, 2011

Chicken Stew

Stew is such a great meal for those cool (cold and wet) fall and winter days, here in the northwest, but as I was making this chicken stew a couple of weeks ago for dinner, it was 93 degrees outside! I must have lost my mind, but it sounded so good, I couldn't help myself! It must have been that good old fashioned smell-a-vision that convinced me. Central air helps too!

Two days before, I had watched Giada De Laurentiis make this recipe on "The Talk" and it looked great and I was convinced that it would fill the house with wonderful smells. I don't remember trying any of her recipes, but I have decided that I need to take another look at her recipes. This recipe was very simple and easy to make and other than the homemade broth, it was ready within an hour.

I always keep boneless skinless chicken breasts in my freezer, but this recipe called for two chicken breasts with ribs so we bought a whole chicken. Adding the chicken with bones and skin adds more flavor. Dear hubby cut it into pieces for me and I used the "extra parts" (neck, back, organs) for making a nice broth. I made the broth early in the day, refrigerated it and skimmed the fat off before using. I will probably try making it with boneless skinless chicken breasts in the future. I will use a little Fond de Poulet Gold, which you can find at if your grocery store doesn't carry it. This should give the stew the extra flavor you get from cooking the chicken with bones and skin, without the extra fat.

We served it with a slice of rustic bread for dunking into the broth. The second time around, dear hubby made some garlic toast from the leftover bread which was really good too. It made me realize that I was missing the flavor of garlic in the stew. I will be making this again in a few weeks, when fall is actually here, and I will be making a few changes. It wasn't as full of flavor as I expected it would be. I'm thinking that I will add more fresh basil, more onion, fresh garlic,  and I want to play around with some spices. If I come up with something I like better, I will update the printable recipe.


Chicken Stew


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