Saturday, March 26, 2011

The World of Hummingbirds

I miss lots of things about SoCal; family, friends, palm trees and especially my hummingbirds, to name a few! I kept many hummingbird feeders hanging around our property year-round, and refilled them often. I loved hearing their little "snapping" sound that let me know they were near.

I expect to see hummingbirds when the weather warms up here in Oregon, but until then, I am enjoying watching and hearing them on a live feed. The nest has two chicks, one unhatched beautiful white egg and a doting mama. It is amazing to watch her insert her long, thin bill into the chicks mouth as she feeds them. If only I could capture the mama's beautiful features in a watercolor or a screen-print.  The textures and colors of her feathers and the detail around her eyes really captivates me. 

If a birds-eye view of a hummingbird with her nest and chicks catches your interest, you will find a link right here.


  1. Coni - We have hummingbirds at our hummingbird feeders year around here in Grants Pass. I have to be sure that the nectar is not frozen on the coldest days. I was amazed when we first moved down here and saw that they just kept coming around all winter.

  2. Barb- The hummingbirds are great! I saw my first hummingbird this year the day it hailed 3 inches last week.